Eligible Expenses

All expenses must be incurred and paid between March 1 and November 16.

Applicants will only be able to submit ONE reimbursement request.
All documentation is due November 16.


  • Additional salaries paid in excess of normal hours for COVID sanitation; feeding and caring for extra livestock held, or for social distancing requirements.

  • Expenses reimbursed by other state, federal, or local grants not eligible
  • Owner Compensation


  • Supplies needed in excess of pre-COVID levels to meet social distancing requirements or increased demand for services
  • COVID testing; cleaning supplies; air filters; PPE
  • Additional supply expenses for feed, hay, yardage, etc., for livestock held longer than planned

  • Generally, row crop inputs such as seed, fertilizer, etc. are not eligible


  • For sanitation
  • Technology or equipment needed to pivot delivery of services, for e-commerce (as a direct result of COVID)
  • Equipment necessary for mitigation/social distancing
  • Additional freezer space for holding product longer

  • Equipment for diversifying services, when the business could operate safely under its current business model are not eligible

  • In general, purchases such as vehicles, tractors, and grain bins 

Facility Reconfiguration

  • To meet social distancing guidelines
  • To meet increased demand for services

  • Previously planned expansion or renovation not eligible


  • COVID line item deduction on milk check; Milk dumping and associated freight expense
  • Vet bills for held livestock
  • Extra booth rental at farmer’s market for social distancing
  • Increase in transportation cost (delivering cattle to three lockers instead of one to get animals processed)

  • Revenue replacement, loss of revenue for drop in livestock prices is not eligible.
  • Tractor payments, operating loans, or mortgage payments are not eligible
  • Additional fencing, fertilizer, and land clearing

Acceptable Documentation

All expenses must have BOTH
Proof of Expense AND Proof of Payment

Proof of Expense


Provide paystub or payroll report showing:

1. Business/Organization name

2. Employee name

3. Rate of pay

4. Hours worked

5. Pay period

Please black-out social security numbers except for the last 4 digits.

All Other Categories

Provide receipt or invoice showing:

1. Date

2. Vendor/Store name

3. Eligible expenses

4. Receipt total

5. Method of payment (cash or charge)

Highlight eligible expenses.

Proof of Payment

Pages showing payment for requested items must show:

1. Date of charge

2. Business/organization name

3. Dollar amount of each eligible expense.

Highlight eligible items. Please black-out account number except for the last 4 digits.

For payments by check:

Option 1: Copy of the front of the check AND copy of bank statement

canceled check

credit card or bank statement

Applicant Training Webinars

In case you missed your opportunity to attend the Applicant Training Webinars hosted by the
Missouri Department of Economic Development, you can view the recordings below. 

Small Business Grant Applicant Training – October 27

This training covered the eligible expenses for reimbursement, documentation requirements, online tool navigation, and the timeline for submissions and reimbursement for the Small Business Grant.

Small Business Grant Applicant Training – October 28

This training covered the eligible expenses for reimbursement, documentation requirements, online tool navigation, and the timeline for submissions and reimbursement for the Small Business Grant.

Small Business Grant Applicant
Q&A – November 16

This Q&A webinar covers frequently asked questions related to submittable, eligible expenses, salaries, overhead, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, previously budgeted salaries cannot be reimbursed unless the business experienced closure or reduced hours.

Grant funds cannot be used to reimburse expenses already reimbursed through another source, such as local or federal grants, insurance, etc. This includes the PPP program.

You may claim a different period that has not already been submitted for reimbursement from another source.

Facility Reconfiguration

If facilities were reconfigured as a response to COVID-19 (e.g., to meet social distancing guidelines, to meet increased demand for services), related expenses would be eligible. Facility reconfiguration that was budgeted before COVID-19 or made for other purposes would be ineligible.

Yes, you can submit documentation for an expense that exceeds your total grant award, and the grant will cover a portion of that expense if it meets eligibility criteria.

No. Per federal guidance, the work must be completed and the improvement put into service by December 30.

General Questions

If your application was approved, you should have received an invitation from our reimbursement platform, Submittable, asking you to confirm your account details.

If you did not receive this e-mail, you can request the password for your account by entering the e-mail address for the executive director on your application on this page.

Once you log into submittable, click on your submission and click the forms tab to view the reimbursement form.

As long as your application status is still “In Progress,” you can edit your application You’ll need to request to edit your application through submittable.  Click here for instructions.

Yes, the grant can reimburse a portion of an expense if it exceeds your total approved amount. You cannot be awarded more than your total approved amount.

No, you can flex your total award amount across the categories. You just cannot exceed your total approved award amount.

Loss of revenue is not eligible for reimbursement.

Salaries paid in cash cannot be reimbursed.

However, other expenses paid in cash may be reimbursed if they meet eligibility criteria, and proof of expense documentation clearly shows the expense was paid.

Proof of expense must contain vendor name, what was purchased, date of purchase and date paid.

If a personal account was authorized and used to purchase reimbursable expenses, the expenses could be reimbursed if all of the following criteria were met:

1) If the individual is a member of the LLC, the business may provide the individual member’s proof of original expense and proof of payment.

2) If the business is not an LLC or the individual is someone other than a member of the LLC:

a. The original purchase AND the reimbursement to the individual must have occurred between March 1 and November 16; and

b. The business must provide proof of the original expense (original receipt/invoice from the store or vendor); an

c. The business must provide proof of payment by the individual authorized to make the purchase (e.g., copy of the individual’s credit statement, bank statement, or other payment proof showing the purchase on the individual’s account); and

d. The business must provide proof of reimbursement from its organizational account to the individual authorized to make the purchase (e.g., copy of the bank statement showing the check number, date of reimbursement, and amount reimbursed; or the electronic cancelled check, printed from the business’s bank account, that clearly shows the date the check was posted to the account).

§ Proof the reimbursement was added to a paycheck if the purchase was made by an employee, to include the paystub or payroll report showing the reimbursement AND the awardee’s bank statement or print out showing payroll came out of the bank account.

You will need to show evidence that the expense has been paid by November 16. This could include printing documentation from your online banking or credit account.

You cannot receive more than your approved total award amount, but if you’re concerned about the eligibility of any of your expenses, you may submit documentation for 20% over your total award amount for us to consider.

If we find some expenses are ineligible, this will give us some padding to go ahead and award your full award amount. We cannot award more than your approved award amount.

Per federal guidance, goods must be received by December 30 to be reimbursed.

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