The Show Me Strong Recovery Plan recommends citizens maintain six feet of social distancing space in most cases. There are certain situations that require additional procedures to protect businesses, communities, and citizens.

It is recommended that communities continue to:

  • Closely monitor and track the containment, spread, and any resurgence of COVID-19 and adjust plans as necessary.
  • Limit situations where citizens cannot maintain social distancing. If social distancing is not able to be maintained, individuals should wear a cloth face covering.
  • Facilitate widespread testing of symptomatic and asymptomatic citizens.
  • Work to protect the most vulnerable populations.
Long-term Care Facility Guidelines

For guidance on reopening long-term care facilities, please see this document from the Department of Health and Senior Services. 

School Reopening Guidelines

In accordance with the information released by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, please see the guidance below on preparing your schools for reopening this fall.